Tattini anti-fly mask, horses finally serene

Insects become really unbearable this season, especially for our horse friends. To the point that horses are not calm even when they eat grass in a paddock.

Gnats, flies, mosquitoes, gadflies, sand flies are particularly aggressive in certain hours of the day and so for us and our friend it becomes almost impossible to leave the stable in relaxation.

Tattini offers the Fly Mask with removable cover, an essential accessory for us who love our horse and care about his well-being. We can use the Fly Mask on any occasion, when we walk the horse by hand, when we put it on the paddock and also when we mount it by applying it over the headstall we normally use.

The Tattini Fly Mask is made of a fine nylon mesh with seams covered in very soft fleece, to offer the horse absolute comfort. It covers the ears and the whole muzzle; its anatomical shape keeps it away from the eyes and the elastic fastening keeps it firm and secure. In addition, the terminal part of the muzzle is easily removable if necessary.

We find the Tattini fly mask in the best saddlery shop.

Available in sizes: Cob and Full

Recommended retail price: € 25.00

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