Take care of your boots

The best way to always have perfect boots is to clean them regularly.

Boot cleaning is not only a matter of aesthetics but also, and more importantly, of performance and durability.

The horse’s sweat, the sand of the stables, the dust and dirt of a stable put our boot to the test. An unkempt boot, besides being ugly to look at, cracks easily and, as it is ruined, its life is shortened.

Ideally, we take care of it every time we take it off after using it. Let’s see together what steps to take to always have a clean, comfortable and long-lasting boot.

What you need for perfect boot care

Guidance. How to clean the boot

1. Clean the sole

Clean the sole with a hard-bristled brush to remove dust and mud residue.

2. Cleaning the skin

On the boot leather gently pass a soft bristle brush moistened in water. Clean the folds and seams well, especially in the part of the boot in contact with the horse’s side. For better skin cleansing use cleansing milk, the same one you use for facial cleansing, this thoroughly removes impurities and nourishes the skin. For this use a cloth and circular motions.

3. Dry the skin

Dry with a soft cloth, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

4. Cleaning the Close-Tex Insert

Clean the Close-Tex insert ( hi-tech material ) on the inside of the cuff and the zipper cover only with a dampened sponge and Marseille soap, no other products are recommended.

5. Apply the cream

Apply a natural beeswax cream; in parts with obvious abrasions use a tinted cream, black or brown depending on the color of the boots. Use a soft brush or cloth always in circular motions.

6. Polishing the boot

Once the cream has dried, polish the boots with a woolen cloth.

7. Clean the zipper

Most zipper breaks are caused by hair, dust and dirt crept in between the teeth of the guides: carefully remove any remaining hair, dust and dirt with the use of tweezers and brushes. For better sliding of the slider on the teeth, use a silicone spray or graphite from the pencil tip.

Before and after

Finally...remember the tips from true PROs.


After use, wipe clean with a sponge dampened with lukewarm water; let air dry, never near a source of heat or direct sunlight.Treat leather with beeswax cream, let dry and polish with a soft cloth.


Pay special attention to the small hole located behind the heel; it is important that any soil or sand residue be removed with a toothpick to ensure proper air exchange operation of the boot.


It is recommended to clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush and water to remove any dirt.

Elastic band

Do not use leather care products, as they will irreparably damage the elastic fiber. Failure to follow these directions or improper use may lead to premature and irregular wear of the article and consequently to malfunction of the article.