Safety while ridign a horse never goes out of style. We all must always pay close attention every time we get on horseback. To better protect us, Tattini has developed a series of high-level products for horse riding, approved according to the most recent standards.

One of these is the Tattini Level 2 Back Protector Vest, available in four sizes for children and three for adults.

In addition to the technical characteristics of protective efficacy (EN 1621-2: 2014 approval), the Tattini vest also follows two other rules: guaranteeing maximum comfort for the wearer and expressing all the elegance of Italian style.

The Tattini Back Protector Vest is made with high-performance shockproof materials that offer maximum protection combined with lightness and flexibility to be able to ride a horse in full freedom of movement at all gaits, walk, trot and gallop and in dynamic activities such as the show jumping.

The Tattini Back Protector Vest is perfectly breathable thanks to the mesh fabric. The front zip closure and the non-slip edge ensure that the vest adheres perfectly to the athlete’s torso and follows him in all movements while remaining still at the waist.

The light and elegant line makes it suitable for those who want to mount safely without sacrificing style.

We can find the Tattini Back Protector Vest in the best saddlery shops.
Price Child vest 75 euros, adult vest 89 euros

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