Take care of your boots

Take care of your boots

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE ISTRUCTIONS Preserve the product in an airyplaceand under the shadow, far from heatsources. Keep the product in a breathable case (i.e. pierced nylon bag). Don’t wash in washing machine or with high pressure air or water.

LEATHER After use, wipe leather with a sponge dampened with warm water. Air dry, not near heat sources or direct sun light. Treat with beeswax cream, let the product dry and finish with a soft cloth.

HOLE Take particular care to clean the hole placed behind the heel; it’s necessary to remove any soil or sand with a toothpick, so as to ensure the proper functioning of air exchange inside the boot.

ZIPPER Kindlyproceed with clearing thoroughly with brush and water as to removeanydirt.

ELASTIC BAND Do not use the leather care products on the elastic, as they would permanently damage the elastic fiber. Failure to comply these instructions or the improper use of the product can lead to a premature and irregular usury and, consequently, to a malfunction of the article itself.