Are you hot on horseback? Discover the fresh tattini

Tattini has always cared about the safety and comfort of riders. For this reason, each product is designed and manufactured taking into account these parameters as well.
Style, elegance, technology, reliability but also technique and well-being for the users.

We all know how important it is to ride a horse safely, but also with the best possible comfort. To be able to ride a horse with joy even on the hottest days, Tattini has created a series of products that increase the well-being of riders and allow them to better face high temperatures:

leggings for women and girls, in technical and lightweight fabric, with elastic waistband, micro-pierced mesh at the ankles and non-slip grip inside the knees for a better and safer grip on the saddle

gloves in micro-pierced mesh for maximum breathability, with touchscreen insert on the fingers

the level 2 back protector vest (EN 1621-2: 2014 approval), which guarantees maximum safety and is perfectly breathable thanks to the mesh fabric

Tattini boots, cooler thanks to the exclusive Air Boost Ventilation System that allows the foot to stay dry in any situation, for maximum comfort.

Tattini has also thought about the well-being of the horse. The mesh blanket in special honeycomb fabric is perfectly breathable and effectively absorbs sweat, eliminating it towards the outside. Ideal for protecting the horse from annoying summer insects.

You can find Tattini products in the best saddlery and horse riding shops.

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