Tattini has always paid the utmost attention to the care and well-being of the horse. The new blankets are the result of years of experience and studies made to guarantee the horse maximum comfort and safety.

How is a Tattini blanket made?

– maximum strength: the materials must be very resistant to withstand the enormous stresses every time the horse lies down, gets up or rolls. In addition there are also the very resistant paddock rugs in ripstop fabric.

– ideal temperature: the blanket must guarantee the right heat to the horse’s body, while offering the best breathability to quickly disperse outside the moisture generated by the body. Tattini offers blankets in various weights in order to choose the one that best suits the climate and conditions of the stable. Some blankets also come with a detachable collar. Paddock rugs also offer excellent rain protection.

– maximum comfort and safety thanks to the details: the pleats on the shoulders, the padded synthetic lambskin collar and the tail cover guarantee an excellent fit and protection while the elastic closure system of the straps, the double adjustable closure on the chest, the two rear straps and the under-tail loop ensure that the rug always maintains its position and does not move.

– weights and measures: the weights of Tattini blankets cover every need for protection. The padding in fact ranges from 150 to 400 grams. Sizes fit from ponies to larger horses. To choose the most suitable blanket, measurements must be taken from the withers to the tail and from the center of the chest to the tail. On the sheet of each blanket you can find the chart of the various sizes available.

Tattini also offers towel sheets to dry the horse after work or after a shower, the fleece rug for warming up, the rain blanket to be used even while riding and the exercise sheets for warm up operations.

Paddock or stable rug 200 grams
New elastic strap clousure system
Towel Sheet
Paddock rug with detachable collar

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