My journey with Tattini boots started years ago when I decided to pursue my dream and live life full of passion.
Horse riding is something that I love the most that’s why most of my time I spend in horse herd and the best part of my work are photo-shoots with horses.
Tattini boots are like tailor made. They are full of style and elegance that’s why they appear on most of my pictures. They are perfect for my full of passion equilook.

Monika Mehlich (Poland)

I spend a lot of time with my horse, in my stable. And as a rider I choose Tattini Boots, cause they are the best choice in term of price and quality. You can choose among three types of models, in the laces version or not. For competition or an everyday riding they stand for the best choice.

Simone M. (Italy)

I started riding few years ago and my complete range of equestrian products has always been signed by Tattini, cause they are an Italian brand, with a great value and a wonderful proposal.


I’m so happy with Tattini’s boots and chaps. They are elegant and comfortable, with a correct price! They are perfect for an everyday use, and with a very quick cleaning also perfect for competition. I love the fact that there is removable straps on the Retriever boots, it’s like we have new boots every time we change them! Looking further to see the new models!

Emma Baird (FRANCE)

I’m fond for horse and I adore riding, it’s my passion and my way of relax myself! Obviously I trust in Tattini boots…never ride without them.

Sara L. (Spain)

As a horse lover, I always appreciated Tattini products for their excellent value for money. As a model, I love their style elegance and fit. Our studio used them in different shootings, or had a chance to portrait them when wore by other amazons, and they always represented a significant addition to our work. Tattini is a brand we feel very acquainted with.

Tigrena Bici (Albania)

I’m a French Dressage young rider (20) based in Normandy. I had the luck to join Tattini’s ambassadors team one year ago.

Tattini’s products are exactly what I was looking for to obtained at the same time elegance and comfort.

Their help in my rider career is paramount for me.

I’m member of the French team for 3 years now, I obtained 2 silver medal at the French championships and one bronze during the last 3 years, I was placed in international competitions with averages up than 70%. My goal in 2018 is to participate at the Young Rider European championships and to go up in the world ranking list.

I would like to sincerely thank Tattini Team for the investment to realize the best products for riders!

Justine Ludot (FRANCE)

I have always had ponies but my love of dressage started in 2011 when we bought my first horse.  He was young and had no previous experience of dressage either so we taught each other.  When we got to medium level I was struggling so we bought a schoolmaster to help me out and then it all took off for me.  I was selected 3 times for the GBR European team, was Amateur National Champion at medium level and won 3 international classes.

Around this time, I also found a new sponsor who supplied me with Tattini riding kit.  Sadly, my sponsor was not able to sustain the sponsorship but my love of Tattini goods continues.  The clothes are so hard wearing and the quality is exceptional.  I especially love my Tattini yard boots, short competition jacket and down jackets as worn in the photos.

We sold my schoolmaster last year and he is now enjoying life with a junior rider in Venice.  For the last 3 years I have been bringing on my youngsters while juggling a degree at Southampton University.  Following my graduation, I am now doing horses full time to see if I can make it work.  I teach a lot and train/compete owners’ horses as well my own.

I have Kiwi who I plan to compete at small tour in the premier leagues together with Landin and some internationals towards the end of the year.  Fly and Izzy are both competing Novice and Gucci, Kita are at Elementary medium level.  Gareth Hughes, my trainer helps me a lot and I am hoping that Kiwi will be my first horse that I have trained from Preliminary to Grand Prix.

I will keep you posted with how things progress and thank you for your interest.

Jessica Gale (England)