Renew your competition look! Discover the New Tattini Jackets

Timeless elegance and Italian style come together in Tattini’s new competition jackets. The Aries, Luna, Sole and Sirius models have arrived, designed for those who do not want to give up a touch of class during competitions. Like all Tattini products, the new competition jackets are designed with the utmost care to offer comfort and […]

Exclusive and Trendy: the New Tattini Calendula Leggings are here!

A can’t-miss new item from Tattini! Calendula leggings are now available in the best saddleries in black and cherry red. A must-have for spring/summer in every riding enthusiast’s wardrobe! Calendula leggings feature transparent stretch mesh inserts at the outer thigh and ankle. They also feature a convenient zipper cell phone pocket and silicone inserts on […]

Everything in place in the Tattini super trunk.

Having everything at hand is important at home and becomes fundamental in the competition.The brand new Tattini trunk has been designed, developed and created by real horse people to meet the needs of those who need to store, keep tidy and safe or move equestrian equipment. It is ultra-light and easily transportable and thanks to […]

How to choose a Tattini blanket

Horses are animals naturally equipped to face the winter, but only if they live in nature, in freedom and adequately fed. Horses that live in stables and are ridden regularly, however, need some extra attention. In fact, to avoid excessive sweating and make it easier for the horse to recover after work, it is good […]

Fight smog buy horses

Tattini’s slogan favors a more sustainable lifestyle. Choosing horseback riding as a favorite sport invites us to spend more time outdoors in the company of our horse friends, away from smog and pollution. This philosophy has always set Tattini apart. Attention to environmental sustainability also involves a more conscious choice of equipment and gear, and […]

The Cap everyone has been waiting for has arrived: super ventilated and ultralight

Horseback riding is an andrenaline-filled sport full of excitement, but it is important to use proper protection such as a cap. Statistics tell us that non-use of the cap comes mainly from discomfort and excessive heat. Therefore, Tattini has thought of a comfortable and ventilated cap, promoting the use of protection accompanied by comfort, safety, […]

Tattini sponsors Le Siepi Equestrian Center – Italian Absolute Championships 2023

We are proud to inform you that Tattini will be present at the Italian Absolute Championships to be held next weekend (April 20-23, 2023) at the prestigious Le Siepi Equestrian Center in Cervia.Tattini and Le Siepi have entered into a partnership that will run throughout 2023 and cover the most important competitions of the season.Tattini […]

You and your horse always warm with Tattini

Tattini’s proposals for coping with cold climates are many: FOR THE HORSE. Many types of stable and paddock blankets, quilted with 330-gram padding also with removable collar, the 400-gram quilt, the waterproof and padded paddock blanket (200 grams) also with removable collar or the double fleece walking blanket. Tattini paddock blanket also with removable neck […]

Ponies and horses are good for our children (and for us, too)

A scientific study confirms that a relationship with horses and ponies promotes a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol and an increase in the hormoneoxytocin, the hormone of affection, love and calm. Professor Alessandra Graziottin recently published an article in the weekly magazine Oggi where she explains from a scientific perspective how contact with our […]

Cleaning and maintenance of the boots (tutorial)

The best way to always have perfect boots is to clean them regularly Boot cleaning is not only a matter of aesthetics but also, and more importantly, of performance and durability.The horse’s sweat, the sand of the stables, the dust and dirt of a stable put our boot to the test. An unkempt boot, besides […]