Style, Performance & Technology Made in Italy

We are an Italian company that produces boots entirely Made in Italy, designs and distributes clothing and equipment for riding since 1860. We combine over a century of experience with the unmistakable Italian style and the capacity for continuous innovation, managing to industrialize artisanal processes. For the riders this means putting on, wearing or using modernity and innovation, which guarantee performance and comfort.

We are present and recognized in over 30 countries around the world maintaining always our Italian style. We are always looking for new technologies in terms of selection and testing of materials, industrialization and packaging, which can guarantee high performance as well as granting the Italian style which is the synthesis of all this.

Enrico and Donatella


What makes us different? Our work, our passion, our team.


A long history of innovations and records in the creation of riding boots. We have always had the ambition to make standard boots for riding, easy to put on and better than “made to measure” in terms of grip, comfort, lightness, wearability, foot wellbeing, grip and performance, thanks to technology, design and production entirely Made in Italy. Let’s retrace the steps of the main innovations brought to the market:

Close Contact – First to bring the concept of Close Contact into boots thanks to the development of the CloseTEX synthetic material, which allows for greater sensitivity, high grip, durability and resistance to abrasion, but at the same time gives comfort and softness.
Rubber Sole – First to use an exceptionally comfortable, light, flexible and comfortable rubber sole with heel equipped with anti-shock system.
Airboost system – First to apply the exclusive AirBoost ventilation system to riding shoes.
Customizable Design – The first to conceive the interchangeable customizations with velcro straps, which allows you to always change the look of your boots.
Tumbled Leather – First to use tumbled leather as an alternative to smooth leather.
Elastic Band – First to introduce the elastic band in synthetic material outside the zipper to improve fit and adherence.



Value choice.

Tattini is the only company in the sector to adopt a strict quality control system throughout the entire production process and on the finished product. There are three main control phases:

VERIFICATION of the basic materials and components
SUPERVISION of processing before assembly
FINAL TESTING piece by piece of the finished product

Value choice.

After the first two checks, it is the third and last check that determines the selection between first and second choice. The boots intended for the second choice have no functional defects, but small aesthetic imperfections that do not compromise their use, performance and durability. The guarantee remains unaffected. In fact, in the maximum frankness, the second choice boots are branded and distinct from the first choice. The wording “second choice” appears both on the box and on the inner lining next to the production batch number.


Here are some simple and good habits for cleaning and maintenance of your Tattini boots:

1. Clean the sole with a stiff bristle brush (fig.A), moistened in water to remove residues of dust, mud and any type of dirt;
2. Gently clean the skin with a soft bristle brush (fig.B) moistened in water to remove residues of dust, mud and any type of dirt;
3. Dry with a soft cloth (fig.C);
4. Remove any residue from the skin with cleansing milk. The suitable cleansing milk is the one used for cleansing the face and must be distributed with a soft cloth and circular movements;
5. Apply the natural beeswax cream (fig.D) on the skin with a soft cloth and circular movements;
6. Only if necessary due to evident abrasions of the leather, use a non-greasy cream, black or brown depending on the color of the boots (fig.E). Spread the cream with a soft cloth and circular movements;
7. Let it dry;
8. Clean the CloseTex part with a damp sponge with water and Marseille soap (fig.F);
9. Let it dry;
10. Most zip breaks are caused from hair, dust and dirt run between the teeth of the guides: Carefully remove any residual hair, dust and dirt with the use of tweezers and brushes;
Use a silicone spray or pencil tip graphite to maintain correct functionality of the slider on the teeth;
11. Polish the boots with a wool cloth.