The elegance of the Italian Tattini boot today is even more synonymous with technology and comfort. The innovative CloseTEX material is used for the first time and exclusively by Tattini on the inner side of the leg. CloseTEX guarantees a formidable softness thus increasing the sensitivity of the leg in contact with the horse (Close Contact). The special material also ensures the ideal grip to the saddle and great resistance to abrasion, for a boot that lasts over time.

The technology is also applied to the exclusive AirBoost ventilation system, capable of quickly eliminating the moisture and heat developed by the foot during sports activities. This guarantees maximum comfort for those who ride even on the hottest days.

The AirBoost bottom sole allows the foot to stay cooler in summer, but also warmer in winter because it eliminates the water vapor that causes heat or cold depending on the season. The Tattini boot is therefore ideal in every season.

Here are the details that make the Tattini boot the footwear that cannot be missing in the saddlery of those looking for performance and comfort:

– Close Contact thanks to CloseTEX on the inner side of the leg

– Customizable design thanks to interchangeable straps

– Zipper slider lock thanks to the plexi zip stop

– Insole with anatomic thickened, antibacterial and removable footbed

– Guaranteed aeration thanks to the AirBoost ventilation system

– Anti-shock rubber sole

– Rear elastic band for a perfect fit, like “tailor-made”

– Natural leather for the uppers and lining

The Tattini Close Contact boots are available in various combinations with and without laces and in smooth or tumbled leather, starting from 299 Euro.

They can be found in the best saddlery shops, click here to find the store closest to you.

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