Caressing your horse is one of the most beautiful sensations we can experience. However, there are situations where wearing a pair of gloves is essential.

In British riding schools it is always recommended to use them and they are mandatory every time you handle a pony or a horse, for example when working on the lanyard, walking it by hand or loading it on a trailer. We all know the effects of a jerk on the skin of the fingers and on the palm of the hand. Wearing them all the time is a question of safety.

In the discipline of dressage, white gloves are mandatory in competitions of all levels and in fact they are truly the top of elegance. Several all purporse or showjumping riders use them to have more grip on the reins in any situation, especially in summer when the horse sweats a lot.

Gloves must be comfortable for the wearer: in summer it is better to prefer those that guarantee maximum breathability. For this reason, the Tattini gloves are made of micro-perforated mesh on the back of the fingers and hand, while the lower part of the glove is in a special technical material that allows the best sensitivity and grip on the reins. Also on the fingertips there is a “touch screen” insert to be able to use the smartphone without having to take off the glove.

We find Tattini Micro-Perforated Gloves in the best saddlery shops.
Recommended retail prices: € 25.00
Tattini gloves in micro-perforated mesh and with silver profiles are available in blue, black and white, in sizes from XS to XL.

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