Leggings equitazione Tattini

Riding a horse in the summer is very nice but it can also be very hot. How many times in the summer have we worn our riding breeches, finding them heavy and uncomfortable.

Tattini presents the new leggings Dalia (for women with sizes from 38 to 46) and Fresia (for girls aged 6 to 14). The new collection is made of a light, soft and elastic technical fabric that offers the best breathability and maximum comfort both on foot and on horseback. The waistband and the elasticated mesh inserts at the ankle also increase comfort, making this pant a must-have item in our equestrian wardrobe.

The anti-slip grip at the knee makes the Tattini leggings the best companions for riding safely, guaranteeing the leg the correct position and adherence to the saddle. Precisely for this reason, Tattini leggings are perfect for all riding disciplines: show jumping, dressage, all purpose, trekking and endurance or even for simple flat work. Not only that: a handy cell phone pocket allows us to always have our smartphone with us. But let’s remember: let’s use it as little as possible on the saddle!

Tattini leggings are beautiful to wear even outside the stables, they are easy to wash, dry quickly and are not to be ironed.

We find Tattini leggings in the best saddlery shop.
Recommended prices to the public: Fresia – € 68.00; Dalia € 75.00
Find out the details on our page dedicated to leggings [https://tattini.shop/en/leggings-dalia-e-fresia-2/]

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