How to choose a Tattini blanket

Horses are animals naturally equipped to face the winter, but only if they live in nature, in freedom and adequately fed. Horses that live in stables and are ridden regularly, however, need some extra attention.

In fact, to avoid excessive sweating and facilitate recovery operations for the horse after work, it is a good habit to shear the hair which becomes long and thick in the cold months.

This is why the use of one or more blankets becomes essential. Sometimes even horses that are not clipped and live in particularly harsh climates need extra protection.

There are different types of blankets: cotton, wool or fleece, quilted and waterproof for paddocks.
When the first cold weather arrives it is advisable to dress the horse with a cotton blanket. In many stables this type of blanket is used all year round.
To ‘walk’ the horse during the first minutes in the saddle and at the end of the work, fleece is useful, as it is soft and warm.
In the stable and during the coldest hours we can use padded and quilted blankets. The weight of the padding also indicates the level of protection: Tattini and Daslö blankets range from 150 to 400 grams!
The special paddock blanket is suitable for horses that spend a lot of time out of the box, it is waterproof and also allows the horse to roll in the mud.
Some blankets also come with a removable accessory that also keeps your neck warm.

The important details

Tattini blankets are designed down to the smallest detail. They are robust; the wide front gussets that allow shoulder movement without hindering it; crosssurcingles with inside elastic insert for optimal comfort; enveloping neck or wither pad in synthetic lambswool; front closure with hook and loop fastening and double strap with snap hooks; tail flap.


Tattini blankets are available for ponies and horses of all sizes. To choose the right size blanket, we recommend measuring the withers-tail and chest-tail length before going to the saddlery.

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