Everything in place in the Tattini Super Trunk

Having everything at hand is important at home and becomes fundamental in the competition.
The brand new Tattini trunk has been designed, developed and created by real horse people to meet the needs of those who need to store, keep tidy and safe or move equestrian equipment.

It is ultra-light and easily transportable and thanks to the large recessed puncture-proof wheels it can also easily pass through the door of the van or trailer. The new body is very robust and non-deformable thanks to the self-supporting frame covered with high-density material and easily cleanable with a damp cloth.

Inside there is ample space for two saddles on the comfortable removable saddle holders as well as four harness holders; externally there is a very convenient removable saddle holder while inside the door there are two more bridle hooks and a large pocket for bottles and containers.

The top lid with built-in mirror and holding bracket protects the various compartments of the glove compartment and can be locked together with the front door.

The trunk is characterized by the red stripe which bears Tattini’s slogan “Fight smog, buy horses”: the choice of horse riding as your favorite sport invites you to spend more time in the open air, away from the chaotic cities and favoring a more relaxed sustainable lifestyle.

If you also want to protect and transport your equipment in a practical and beautiful trunk, choose Tattini.
The Tattini trunk is 116 cm high, 76 deep and 57 wide.
You can find the new Tattini trunk in the best saddleries at the launch price of 850 euros.

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