Tattini developed the Close Contact concept starting over 20 years ago with the Pessoa saddles. The aim was very simple: to reduce interference between horse and rider to a minimum.

The Pessoa saddle, still distributed today by Tattini, was the first to propose new quarters, new supports and a new frame capable of bringing the rider closer to the horse, thus offering a sensitivity never experienced before.

Until then, in fact, saddles guaranteed good stability for the rider but were particularly uncomfortable for the horse, and because of the bulky arching and the stiff, thick leather, the rider could not ‘feel’ his horse optimally.

But riding evolved rapidly, as did the horses, which were more sensitive and faster, and the courses, where the perfect understanding of the pair was required. The great Brazilian champion Nelson Pessoa designed his own innovative saddle, capable of meeting all the new requirements, thus marking a turning point in riding and technical equipment.

Thus the Close Contact concept was born.


The boots
Thinking of the rider’s tools, another important accessory is the boots. Tattini has always produced state-of-the-art boots, equipped for example with the exclusive Air-boost ventilation system.

The latest evolution of Tattini boots concerns the inside of the bootleg where the innovative CloseTEX material has been used. This special insert guarantees formidable softness, thus increasing the sensitivity of the leg in contact with the horse (Close Contact). CloseTEX also ensures the ideal grip on the saddle and great resistance to abrasion, for a boot that lasts.

The new jumping saddles
The London and the new Bristol are the jumping saddles developed by Tattini using the Close Contact concept. Created thanks to the experience of more than twenty years, the skill of the best saddle-makers and with the best leathers, the Tattini saddles complete the range of the Close Contact lines in the best way. The London saddle is specifically designed for those who ride ‘light and forward’, while the new Bristol provides a deeper seat and a wider crotch.

Boots and saddles thus acquire a fundamental role for riders who really want to ‘feel’ their horse. The materials and anatomy of Tattini’s products guarantee optimal contact of the leg with the horse’s flank, allowing you to feel its movements to the best of your ability and enabling you to dose the pressure perfectly.

Try them both, what you’ll start to feel in the saddle will amaze you and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without Tattini’s Close Contact!

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