The best way to always have perfect boots is to clean them regularly

Cleaning the boot is not only a question of aesthetics but also and above all of performance and durability.
The sweat of the horse, the sand of the stables, the dust and dirt of a stable put a strain on our boot. An uncared-for boot, as well as ugly to look at, easily cracks and, if ruined, its life is shortened.

The ideal is to take care of it every time we remove it after using it. Let’s see together what are the operations to do to always have a clean, comfortable and long-lasting boot.

Clean the sole with hard brush

We clean the sole with a hard bristle brush to remove dust and mud residues.

On the leather of the boot we gently pass a soft bristle brush moistened in water. We clean the folds and seams well, especially in the part of the boot in contact with the side of the horse.

Clean the boot with soft brush
Clean the boot with soft brush

For a better cleaning of the skin, we can use the cleansing milk, the same one used for cleaning the face. Deeply removes impurities and nourishes the skin. We use a cloth and circular motions.

Dry with a soft cloth, away from heat sources and direct sun.

The Close-Tex insert (hi-tech material) on the inner side of the leg and on the zip cover should only be cleaned with a damp sponge and Marseille soap, it is recommended not to use other products.

Clean closetex with marseille soap

We apply a cream based on natural beeswax, in the parts with evident abrasions we can use a colored cream, black or brown depending on the color of the boots. We use a soft brush or a cloth always with circular movements.

Apply cream

Once the cream has dried, we polish the boots with a woolen cloth.Una volta asciugata la crema, lucidiamo gli stivali con un panno di lana.

ATTENTION TO THE ZIP!Most of the breakage of the zip is caused by hair, dust and dirt crept between the teeth of the guides: we carefully remove any residual hair, dust and dirt with the use of tweezers and brushes. For a better smoothness of the cursor on the teeth, we can use a silicone spray or the graphite of the pencil tip.

Clean the zipper
Graphite on the zipper


Cream brushes and wool cloth

Cleansing milk and soft cloth

Cleansing milk and Marseille soap
Marseille soap and sponge
Hard brush and soft brush


Before and after

Clean boot

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