Retriever and Terranova

Cap with Glitter plate

Deluxe Softshell jacket

Pull-on Anemone leggings

Pit Bull Sneakers

Tattini, an ancient history.

Tattini company has an old history in the field of equestrian products. It was born in the distant 1860 in an handcrafted laboratory in Spoleto, where the skilled hands of the saddler produced saddles according to the old technique of workmanship. In this laboratory called "Selleria Tattini", Mr Tattini improved the art of making leather products, bridles and riding harnesses with passion and technique. Afterwards, Gastone Tattini continued the family tradition, and continued the business till the new management of his son, Enrico, who gave a managerial inprint to the activity; he extended the range of the articles both for the horse and for the rider, and he took a particular care to the riders apparels and footwear, characterized by with the unique Italian style in the study and development of collection, also thanks to the collaboration of his wife Donatella for the stylistic part.

Visita Tattini Riding boots